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M4 Junc 18a
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24.10.2017: The “Final” Joint Transport Study (JTS) was published on the 20th October (click here). This was the first time Appendix B has been published and it contains a lot of new information and data.  It even identifies a third option (the middle option) and implies this is still under consideration.  This document contains information material to the consultation and was published just days after the public consultation had finished.  Given that our MPs and SGC need to explain why, on a project that will take ten or more years to complete, the consultation could not have been postponed a few weeks to allow for the publication of the JSP.

14.10.17: Pucklechurch Parish Council believes that the consultation process is flawed, that no case has been effectively made to support the delivery of any of the options and it remains resolute in its opposition to the Eastern options. Read the full objection letter here…

14.10.17: The petition for NO JUNCTION 18a reaches 899 signatures. Many people who signed the MP's petition were against the west option as well.  This gives you the opportunity to say NO to any junction

For the petition against building any new junction click here…

02.10.17: New petition against any new junction.  It is clear that the petition started at the beginning of the campaign confused a number of people as it set out to oppose the east option but to support building west junction.  In fact it is now emerging that many people signed this were also against the west option.  A new petition has now been started (link below). PLEASE NOTE AFTER SIGNING YOU WILL BE ASKED TO DONATE - IGNORE THIS - IT IS NOT NECESSARY!

For the petition against building any new junction click here…

01.10.17: Parish Council issue statement on their position and response to the West of England Joint Transport Study.

Must Read - click here for PDF

01.09.2017: Is the east option a fait accompli?

The draft “West of England Joint Transport Study – Final Report – September 2017” is now available. This will become final TWO DAYS AFTER the consultation being held by SGC on the location of the new junction. Remember, the Joint Transport Study is the blueprint for transport in the old Avon area. This is the document that will go forward and become policy.

It clearly shows that the east option is the one that is in the plan and NOT the west option. Yes, that’s right, the ‘Pucklechurch’ option is in the plan. Why do I say that? Well this type of document will become policy. No one likes to go back and ask for more money because they picked the wrong option so ‘if’ there really are options for example, a new junction, then you always put in the cost of the highest option even if it is the less likely option. The costs put into the Joint Transport Study are for a new junction and 6km of dual carriageway. The eastern option. So it there was any chance of the west option being built that is the cost that would appear.

If you read the document (which contains agenda an other stuff) yourself you will find this useful:

page 43 -- projects identified

page 62-63 -- Junction 18A plans

page 109 -- cost chart for transport schemes


then click on”Scrutiny Committee Paper – 22 September 2017” at bottm of page

21.09.2017: South Glos. Green Party issues press release calling for secretive junction 18a group to reveal lobbying truths. Read the full press release here…

08.09.2017: South Glos Greens Condemn "Farce" consultation - Current “consultation” about proposed new junction is a sham, say Greens. Read the full press release here…

01.09.2017: This Campaign for the Protection of Rural England (CPRE) report reveals that road-building is failing to provide the congestion relief and economic boost promised, while devastating the environment. It directly challenges government claims that ‘the economic gains from road investment are beyond doubt’; that road-building will lead to ‘mile a minute’ journeys; and that the impact on the environment will be limited ‘as far as possible’. The report shows how road building over the past two decades has repeatedly failed to live up to similar aims.  

There’s a good introductory video, links to the full report and links to the ‘Transport for England’ data that supports the findings.

31.08.2017: M4J18A - East or West Is Not the Argument - article for September’s Pucklechurch News which examines the claims made by SGC for the benefits of a junction and argues that they are based on little if any evidence while there is a lot of evidence that such schemes do not work.

14.08.2017: The URBAN village of Pucklechurch.  Could we become part of the urban expansion of Bristol. If speculative proposals submitted to SGC as part of the West of England Joint Spatial Plan become a reality the answer is YES! Could the east options for J18a make that more likely?

See the Urban Village proposals here:

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