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Pucklechurch and Shortwood Good Neighbour Scheme.

To contact the Good Neighbours Scheme call Larisa, Rodney or Ross on 07961 939574 or email goodneighbours@pucklechurch.org  

See out latest update below

About the Good Neighbour Scheme

The scheme was started in 2009 and is managed by three

co-ordinators and there are 16 volunteers. The purpose of the scheme is to provide support to our neighbours. Anyone can use the scheme but we are aiming our support at those who are more vulnerable within our community like elderly residents or single parents. Contact with the scheme can be made by clicking here or by phone: 07961939574.

Good neighbours do not replace services already provided by local service providers or organisations, nor do we operate a 24 hr service. A user of the scheme can expect a coordinator to contact them within 24 hrs of making contact. The co-ordinator will then refer the resident using the scheme to a volunteer. Volunteers will be happy to pop round and spend time with someone, help fill in forms, put bins out and check and change batteries in smoke alarms. It may be that someone is lonely and would like to spend half an hour having a cup of tea with a new friend or the support provided may be on a more practical level. Volunteers will also be able to help people get in touch with services that are provided by other organisations.

If you would like to use the scheme, please call Larisa, Rodney or Ross on 07961 939574 or email goodneighbours@pucklechurch.org  

All volunteers are CRB checked and the scheme holds public liability insurance.

If anyone would like to become a volunteer, please let us know. It really is very easy. You do not have to commit to giving any particular amount of time and you only do what you are comfortable doing. It's a great way to meet new friends.

To contact the group call call Larisa, Rodney or Ross on 07961 939574 or email goodneighbours@pucklechurch.org  

Latest Update

December 2016

The Good Neighbour Scheme continues to go from strength to strength. We’ve welcomed four new volunteers since the last article in the Pucklechurch News.  You may also have seen our stall at the Revel.

We’ve been busy this summer helping less mobile residents with a ‘garden blitz’ where we spend a couple of hours as a one off to help them stay on top of their gardening. We are also continuing to offer ongoing and regular help to five elderly residents of Pucklechurch and Shortwood by visiting and having a cup of tea every now and again.

With the winter months coming, please remember that we are here to help with household tasks such as putting bins out, changing light bulbs or sitting with someone and having a chat. It can be harder for some people to get out when it’s cold and we don't like to think anyone is unnecessarily lonely.  Please give us a ring or send us an email if you think we can help.  All our volunteers are police checked and we have public liability insurance.

Please also get in touch if you would like to become a volunteer. We have a strong volunteer base, but will always welcome more - many hands make light work!  The great thing about volunteering with the Good Neighbour Scheme is that you can give as little or as much time as you like, you meet new people and everything is local which makes it very easy.  Every so often, we meet to discuss the scheme so there's a social aspect to what we do.  We are looking for people who can do simple DIY, a bit of gardening and who are happy to spend time talking and having a cup of tea.

Please contact call Larisa, Rodney or Ross on 07961 939574 or email goodneighbours@pucklechurch.org  

Larisa, Rodney and Ross
Pucklechurch and Shortwood Good Neighbour Scheme Co-ordinators.