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                 Short Mat Bowls

Pucklechurch Short Mat Bowls Club

The Pucklechurch Short Mat Bowls Club meets at the Village Hall and regular bowling sessions are held in the hall as follows:

Sunday afternoons, 2.30 to 5.00pm
Monday evenings, 7.30 to 10.00pm
Wednesday evenings, 7.30 to 10.00pm

We are looking for new members
No experience necessary
Come along and enjoy a friendly game in good company

3 per session or 15 per month

For further information, phone
Roger Payne on 937-3653

What is short mat bowls?

Although played on specially made mats that can easily be put down on the floors in village halls and the like, short mat bowling is very similar to the original form of lawn bowling enjoyed by a great number of people over the centuries. (It should not be confused with 10-pin bowling.) The special mats for short mat bowling are about half the length of lawn bowling greens, allowing the sport to be played indoors. To compensate for any supposed advantage that might give to the playing of the game, a wooden block is placed in the middle of the short mat, which players have to avoid when delivering their bowls. You will have noticed bowling being played on outdoor greens in the summer with players often in their whites. Short mat bowling is more informal and does not have a dress code for club sessions.  What is more, the cost of playing short mat is very modest indeed.

Short mat bowling is a challenging but thoroughly enjoyable sport for persons of all ages. As many ladies play as men, and they do well at the game. Because it takes place indoors, the game is played throughout the year. This becomes a distinct advantage, as it is easy to get hooked! Like most sports, bowls clubs play in leagues, thus there are many opportunities to travel to play other clubs, and there are various other fixtures and competitions in which members can take part.

The Pucklechurch Short Mat Bowls Club is very friendly and is developing its social side.  New members are always welcome. Anyone who wants to find out if they like the game can simply come along just before the start of any of the regular bowling sessions listed above.  Better still, talk to Les Whittock first (937 2090), who will gladly answer any queries you might have and arrange for you to be introduced at your first session. It's much easier than just walking in to a strange venue.

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