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Defibrillators are life saving equipment for use when
someone’s heart has stopped.


It is designed to be used by a person without training.  The equipment is automatic and only requires you to follow simple instructions given by the machine.

If you suspect that someone
is having a heart attack dial 999 immediately and ask for
the ambulance service and
follow their directions

It is a good idea to familiarise yourself with the locations and how you would get to them in an emergency.


In the case of an emergency call 999.  The ambulance service will advise you if the emergency requires the defibrillator and give you the access code.

We now have the third defibrillator ready to be installed at The Rose & Crown but cabinet mounting has been delayed.    However, we expect it to  be on the wall very soon. The plan for the forth defibrillator is to locate it on the new doctors’ surgery  in the area to minimise the time it takes to access the equipment.  Please continue to support the fundraising.

We currently (15.04.13) have Four defibrillators installed in the village.1st Defib on CC 20002 Do you know where they are?


Community Centre, Abson Road (map). It is located to the right of the main door


PVSSC (aka Top Club or Prison Club) in St. Aldam’s Drive (map)
It is located on the wall in front of the club


The Bakery and Cafe (Map). It is located on the wall between the Bakery and the cafe.


Eagle Crescent (Map) by the play area

At night there is a GREEN light above the defibrillators

Pucklechurch All02

Defibrillator Location: Community Centre

Community Ctr Location02

Defibrillator Location: PVSSC (Top Club), St Aldam’s Drive

PVSSC Location

Defibrillator Location: Coach House Cafe, Westerleigh Road

Cafe Location

Defibrillator Location: Eagle Crescent

Eagle Cres Location