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The snow of 2010

For the second year running snow brought delight for some and disruption for others. Here are a few photos taken by local residents. If you have any interesting photos send them to

There was probably more snow than in 2009 but take a look at the winter of 81/82 which, with drifting, meant the village was cut of for several days.  You can see photos taken over the winter of 81/82 here...

winter 2010 Abson Rd

winter 2010 Cedar Way

winter 2010 Church 2

winter 2010 Churchyard

winter 2010 Feltham Brook

winter 2010 From Hodden Lane 2

winter 2010 Frost on trees

winter 2010 Frost

winter 2010 from Hodden Lane 1

winter 2010 near Lock's Bottom

winter 2010 snowman 2

winter 2010 snowman 1

Church from the Rec

Church & Burial Ground

Church yard trees



Kings Lane

Parkfield Rd