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21.12.11: Pucklechurch has only recently moved to the part night switch off of street lights but statistics from other parts of South Gloucestershire are positive. 

Council data show that the 4,000 lights now switched to ‘part night’ lighting are on track to save £55,000 a year in energy costs, while reducing carbon emissions by a quarter.

Meanwhile separate police figures reveal that recorded night time crime levels have continued to fall in areas where the scheme has been introduced. In the context of a general fall in crime, recorded night time crime has fallen by 50 per cent in Frampton Cotterell, 28 per cent in Thornbury and 17 per cent in Bradley Stoke compared to a year ago.

In addition YOI Ashfied have now switched to low energy lighting and new fittings that minimise light pollution. You may have noticed that the glare from YOI Ashfield has diminished substantially.

Read the full article here...

30.10.11: The HeartStart total now stands at £6,200. Why not help the team install the third defibrillator by coming to the HeartBeat Ball?  Enjoy an evening of dancing and fun while raising money for this village cause.

30.10.11: Christmas edition of the Pucklechurch News is now online. Click here for the PDF.

01.10.2011: The Pucklechurch HeartStart total now stands at £5,800.  Can you help reach the target of £10,000 for four defibrillators? Why not come to the HeartBeat Ball on 11/11/11 - full details here...

16.09.2011: A summary of the agenda for the Parish Council meeting to be held on Wednesday, 21st may be found here... As well as the standard items the following additional items are on the agenda (i) Parish Orderly Applications (ii) To consider Sports Facilities including letter from Pucklechurch Cricket Club. (iii) Exempt Item (public and press excluded).

13.09.2011: Recycling envelopes. We have just been informed that as long as the plastic window is removed you may put envelopes in the paper recycling

06.09.2011: Part Night Lighting.  SGC have just notified us that work will start today on changing sensors in the the street lights to switch off between midnight and 5.00am (see full details in this months Pucklechurch News).

05.09.2011: Deed for land at St. Aldam’s Drive. At a recent meeting of the Parish Council residents asked to see the deeds and the Parish Clerk has made the relevant pages available as a PDF to download here (9.5MB)

02.09.2011: Parish Council minutes of the July meeting are now available online here...

02.09.2011: There will be an extraordinary Parish Council meeting on Wednesday, 7th September at 7.30pm in order to deal with the following items:
1. To receive feed back from Committee for co-option and vote
2. Discuss reply received to letter to Amanda Deekes.
3. Community Plan - Progress.
4. To discuss introduction of Saturday Morning Surgery.

02.09.2011: The South Gloucestershire "Taste" local food and drink festival is running until Sunday, 9th October.  There are many local events and this year and, for the first time, a Pucklechurch entry.  The Old Dairy Farm Shop and Coffee Barn in Feltham Road, Pucklechurch, will be creating a selection of dishes to mark the Taste festival. Ful details here...

02.09.2011: Some street lights in Pucklechurch will start to switch off during the night (midnight to 4.15am in the winter and 1.00am and 5.15am in the summer). More details in the Autumn Pucklechurch News.

02.09.2011: Revel Photography Competition. Sixth annual competition in memory of Bob Stone. Entry closes 23rd September. Exhibition on 9th October. Full details here...

01.09.2011: The autumn edition of Pucklechurch News is now available to read online or download. Click on Image (a PDF reader is required)
PNews Autumn 2011 tn02

If you have a ‘smart phone’ you can download the pdf to your phone.

30.08.2011: Big Lottery Village SOS competition. The Village SOS Competition will give around 250 awards of between £10,000 and £30,000 to kick start community businesses. The Lottery want to support inspiring business ideas that will bring people together in villages across the UK and support activities and enterprises that will tackle The challenges they face.

15.08.2011: Are you troubled by HGVs using roads in the area? SGC recognise this as a problem and have put a reporting procedure in place. the hopes that, over time, the problem can be reduced through court action. Residents should report offenders directly on 0845 404 0506, and provide as much detail as possible, preferably including

a. Date
b. Time
c. Location
d. Vehicle registration mark
e. Direction of travel
f. Make and model of vehicle
g. Colour
h. Any identifying markings, e.g. name/phone number
i. Any other useful information

15.08.2011: Agenda for the Parish Council meeting of 17/08/2011 is published here.  As well as the standard items the agenda will include;
St. Aldams Play Garden, Village Green Application, Quotations for step refurbishment St. Aldams.

05.08.2011: The copy deadline for the Autumn Pucklechurch News is 10th August. Please send contributions to

01.08.2011: Pucklechurch - Land at Oaktree Avenue - Appropriation and Disposal of Open Space - STATUTORY NOTICE. Consultation ends on 26th August 2011.

NOTICE is hereby given that South Gloucestershire Council intends to appropriate an area of land situated at Oaktree Avenue, Pucklechurch, South Gloucestershire (The Land) for the benefit, improvement or development of the area. The land currently consists of open space.

NOTICE is also hereby given that subject to any objections received, South Gloucestershire Council intends to dispose of the Land by way of transfer for the purposes of providing residential housing and a doctors surgery.

The full notice and location plan is available at at SGC online consultation website and is also available for inspection, free of charge, at Thornbury One Stop Shop and at Yate One Stop Shop.

27.07.2011: Happy Circle change of venue. As of the 13th September the Happy Circle will meet in the Homefield Centre which is behind Nos. 32-36 Shortwood Road.

27.07.2011: Cossham Street (Mangotsfield) will be closed from 1st to 8th August. The 689 bus will will not go through Shortwood. The diversion will go from the junction of the Shortwood turn-off via the Ring Road, Siston Hill Roundabout and Rodway Hill to the mini roundabout at Mangotsfield (and vice versa).  In addition SGC are running a free shuttle bus service every 20 mins, Monday to Saturday between 0700 and 1800, with a lunch break 1200 to 1300. Route: Sainsbury’s, A4174, B4465, Shortwood Hill, Pomphrey Hill, Wheelers Patch, Johnson Road, Church Farm Road, Emersons Way, Sainsbury's

15.07.2011: Pucklechurch HeartStart total now stands at £3,800 - only £1,200 to go for the next defibrillator.  Make a difference - be part of the 50:50 challenge.

08.07.2011: Pucklechurch HeartStart have installed the first defibrillator at the Community Centre in Abson Road. It is on the outside wall near the entrance to the building.

1st Defib on CC 200

In the case of an emergency call 999.  The ambulance service will advise you if the emergency requires the defibrillator and give you the access code.

Read more about HearStart here...

02.07.2011: Pucklechurch HeartStart are in the process of installing the first public access defibrillator for Pucklechurch. This will be installed at the Community Centre and was made possible by a grant from the Parish Council. Full details will be published when it is installed. The race is on to raise funds for the second defibrillator. Click here to see how you can help.

20.06.2011: The Sure Start Stay and Play scheme welcome children with their parent(s)/carers on Thursdays from 1.00 to 3.00pm in the Community Centre.  More information here...

16.06.2011: Notice of appointment of date for the exercise of electors' rights to inspect the accounts for the year ended 31st March 2011. View the full notice here...

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that a casual vacancy has occurred in the office of Councillor for the Pucklechurch Parish, Ward Boyd Valley. An election will be held to fill the vacancy if notice of a request for such an election is given to the Returning Officer, South Gloucestershire Council, Council Offices, Castle Street, Thornbury, Bristol, BS35 1HF by ten Local Government electors for the said electoral area no later than 1st July 2011 (note this is a change of date). If no request for an election is given, the Parish Council will fill the vacancy by co-option. Click here to see the full notice.

04.06.2011: The summer edition of Pucklechurch News is now available to read online or download. Click on Image (a PDF reader is required)
PN Summer 2011 tn

If you have a ‘smart phone’ you can download to your phone.

04.06.2011: Parish Council Vacancies ~ Mr. Alan Holder has decided, due to personal commitments, to stand down from the Parish Council.  Your attention is drawn to the call for interested people to apply for co-option to the council. There are now three vacancies

03.06.2011: Community Plan ~ The printed version of the final Summary and Action Plan has been distributed to households in the Parish. All documents produced including the final printed plan are available to download here...

03.06.2011: Parish Council Vacancies ~ NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that there are two vacancies for Councillors for Pucklechurch Parish. The Parish Council can fill the vacancies by co-option. If you would like to apply, please write to the Clerk at:
The Vale, Cattybrook Road
Shortwood, Bristol BS16 9NJ
Please include a few lines explaining your reasons for applying.
The closing date for applications is 20th June 2011.
Diane Bailey, Clerk to Pucklechurch Parish Council

03.06.2011: Parish Council minutes for March and April are now online.

25.05.2011: Minor crime alert (update to 18.05.2011) ~ Officers have now identified a suspect, so if this has happened to you or someone you know, please tell the neighbourhood team on 0845 456 7000. More here...

19.05.2011: The Good Neighbour scheme have issued an update. To read more or contact the scheme click here...

18.05.2011: Minor crime alert ~ UPDATED (see 25.05.2011 above) Police have recorded three offences where a male will call at the victims door and come up with a hard luck story such as "I have locked myself out can I borrow £20". He is targeting the elderly.

Please be aware yourself and if you have neighbours that don't have access to email/web please could you advise them of this (particularly if they are elderly).

This information has been received from out local beat team. is not hearsay.

18.05.2011: Photos of this year’s Scarecrow Trail have been added to the website.  To see the answers and photos click here...

06.05.2011: Election Results for our area. Stephen John READE (Conservative) and Ben STOKES (Conservative) were elected as District Councillors for Boyde Valley (full results here). The following people will serve as Parish Councillors for the Parish of Pucklechurch (no election as there were fewer nominations than places). Gail Boyle, Lynn English, Peter Green, Alan Holder, Martin Smith, Bob Symons, Malcolm Watson.  Two positions were unfilled and a notice inviting interested people to apply will be issued shortly.

02.05.2011: Preliminary event list for Pucklechurch Revel has been released. See here for details.

Dyrham & Hinton now have a website.  Click here to visit the site.  Do you know what is happening around Pucklechurch? Visit the local links section here...

Crime maps showing the approximate location and type of crime are now available from  Please note, however, that the information for Pucklechurch includes incidents inside YOI Ashfield so you need to take account of this when looking at the data.