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             Twinning Association

Pucklechurch is twinned with the French town of Pringy.  Members of the Pucklechurch Twinning Association and of Euro/Pringy arrange exchange visits each year.  During this time there are many social and organised events. 

Why not pop along to one of the members meetings that are held every few weeks on Monday evenings in the Village Hall meeting room (see calendar for next meeting).  You’ll find us a friendly bunch and will be able to answer your questions and help you decide if Twinning is for you.

The question we get most often is, “do I need to speak French?”  Well, the answer is no! In fact there are many members of the Pucklechurch Twinning Association that don’t speak French. Despite this many long term friendships have evolved and the language barrier does not inhibit everyone having fun. Having said that, at times it obviously does help to speak a few words! 

As well as the formal visits Pucklechurch Twinning has a full year long calendar of social events which you can find on the village calendar.  Everything from skittles, safari supper, wooden horse racing to our Christmas Wine & Cheese party. Read about some of our activities in past editions of Pucklechurch News here:

  • Pringy Visit Pucklechurch, April 2008
  • 20th Anniversary Celebrations in Pringy October 2008
  • Improving Your Franglais
  • Pringy Visit Pucklechurch April 2009
  • Visit to Pringy October 2009
  • There is also a Facebook group so if you use face book just search on “Pucklechurch” and “Pringy” and you’ll find the group.

    Twentieth Anniversary Celebrations

    You can view the YOUTUBE video of the 20th Anniversary Twinning song here...

    Want the words?  Click here...

    Photo album of the 20th anniversary visit to Pringy in 2008 - click on a thumbnail to view.

    Pucklechurch Can-Can dancers

    DSC_4792 Officals close-up

    DSC_4806 Pigeon Release

    DSC_4820 Group by Mairie

    DSC_4851 Cake Sparkle

    DSC_4860 French singing

    Umbrella Dance

    French Can-can 1

    French can-can 2

    Square sign

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